Save on eBay’s Petit Bateau stock

October 22
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I love browsing through eBay for bargains, it’s particularly good for baby products. I got my Baby Bjorn bouncer and carrier on eBay for less than half price. My latest discovery is eBay’s treasure trove of Petit Bateau goodies, and there are plenty of brand new items to snap up at a bargain price. Here are my favourites online now:

Amelia Brennan: Classic children’s clothing

September 25
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Amelia Brennan’s sweet smocked dresses, embroidered shirts and tailored shorts hark back to a time when children’s clothes weren’t embossed with Disney characters or made in sweat shops. Instead, they are timeless and innocent. The Little Edit caught up with Amelia to find out what inspires her and how she went about setting up her fashion brand.